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Yin Xiuzhen


March 29th 2008 - May 4th 2008

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venue #1
Bürgerverwaltungszentrum Moritzhof,
Bahnhofstr. 53, D - 09111 Chemnitz
Monday to Friday (8am until 6pm)

venue #2
Art Gallery of the Weltecho
Annaberger Straße 24, 09111 Chemnitz
Tuesday to Sunday (1pm until 9pm)

(special open hours only by arrangement)

Accompanying events

March 29th 2008, 8pm
“Galerieclub” (gallery club)
“Die Textur des Erinnerns” (the texture of memories)
- A panel discussion with the Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen, the gallery owner Alexander Ochs and Gregor Torsten Kozik

April 9th 2008, 8pm
“Zwischen Metropole und chinesischer Provinz” (between metropolis and province)
- a series of Chinese shortfilms from the artist association Vis-á-Vis-Art-Lab (Xiamen & Beijing). With an introduction by Anja Henningsmeyer (Filmfest Hamburg)

April 19th 2008, 9pm
liveband: Stuurbaard Baakebard (NL)
- Pop? Art? Trash? The trio from the Netherlands successfully unifies guitar sounds, vocals, a double bass, vibrant drums and weird musical toys. Stuurbaard Baakebard combines music and live performance somewhere between Frank Zappa and Tom Waits.

Yin Xiuzhen, born in Beijing in 1963, has become a well-known contemporary artist from China, creating space installations and performances across Asia, Europe and the USA. Her work reflects personal memories. Chinese culture, daily routine, as well as textile material play a major role in her work. Yin Xiuzhen interprets art as means of communication, which enables her to disclose the relation between her individual experiences of her own culture and society and processes that operate on a global scale. Her work can be viewed as kind of architecture of her own memories and experiences, which seek to invite the audience to follow up on those memories and to make a connection to one’s own memories.
Yin Xiuzhen continually works with old, worn-out pieces of clothing, which she transforms into completely new objects and landscapes in her installations. A large part of her installations consists entirely out of textile material, for example: her installation at the Venice Bienale 2007. In another project, Knitting Wool, Yin Xiuzhen collects and presents hand-knitted pullovers from friends, which she creates gradually new pieces of clothing.
Yin Xiuzhen’s installation in Chemnitz combines her unique approach with a reflexion of Chemnitz’s historic role of a classic centre of European textile industry. The installation consists of a large-scale textile sculpture in Chemnitz’ Moritzhof, an administrative public agency. The textile material will be donated by the citizens of Chemnitz and reworked by former, local sewing workers. Hence, the first phase of the project involves collecting various textile material from the citizens of Chemnitz. Starting in the middle of March this material will be re-sewed in a provisional textile “factory” in the Moritzhof. In the process of making the factory itself will vanish, whereas the sculpture will remain as the final installation. As an accompanying event, Weltecho’s gallery will present a documentation of the installation, which then seeks to point out the social context of the work.
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